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Breaking Sad…

If you don't want to know the ending, don't read this. If you want to know the ending but you haven't seen it yet, go away. That's just wrong. If you have seen the ending and just want to talk to someone about it, read on. You have my full sympathy.Endings are tricky. I’ve committed myself ...
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What the…?

Its been such a long time, I apologise for my absence (ok, there's one). I’ve been meaning to write and I keep making mental notes of things to chat and tell you about and then I leave it again and again until the mental notes have become so numerous that they become jumbled and unconnected and th ...
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Ahhh, how I love it when a simple thought can mushroom into a mind blowing brainstorm of ideas and creativity, an unstoppable design for opportunity, inspiration and innovation! Oh, the possibilities! Part of this surge in creative energy is the realisation that an assignment that I've been sweati ...
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Aems is the leading MC for bass music in the North of England. Holding a residency at Newcastle's biggest DnB event Turbulence, as well as performing at prestigious events such as Hospitality, Shogun Audio, Critical Sound and UKF LIVE to name but a few, as well as appearances on Get Darker TV and B ...
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So, I told myself I would begin recording my second album in November but you know what? Forget that. How can you plan whats happening in November? Its like, years away and I'm missing the glockenspiel. So far it sounds like the soundtrack to a Downton Abby-esque TV series crossed with The Fast and ...
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True Romance

I always thought of myself as laid back. I don’t stress, ever. I sometimes feign stress to appear normal, but I don’t seem to actually have the stress gene, which is why as I helpfully point out to ill people, I never get ill.Then I met Tony. Tony is so laid back he makes Miles Davis playing ‘ ...
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Its been a while…

Winter has a strange effect on ones ability to think. After weeks of dragging myself between asinine social networks and chronically pointless youtube video's, my fingers only able to shift sluggishly between the Enter key and the Back key with the occasional bold scroll of the mouse, unable to rea ...
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Jenni. Murray.

to my dismay it was received with blank looks and a miserable handful of  facebook 'likes'.  Ah, thought I. Could it be that my fan base are not Radio 4 listeners? Mmm, apparently not. So then I took a different approach to announcing this gigantic piece of news, to give my followers an understa ...
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Probably the most eccentric radio station in the Borders. No, lets make that Britain. I would say Europe but my knowledge of European radio stations is limited.I've heard of radio Luxembourg but was that actually in Luxembourg? And does it even exist anymore? Must remember to google that...Brick F ...
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So Friday night  was, without question, an unprecedented success. Man, every part of it exceeded every expectation in every way to the point that while I was on stage I could hardly speak I was so overwhelmed by the response. The place was packed, and the audience was buzzing. So chuffed. So grate ...
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