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almost there

Here's a nice article for you to peruse. Its all about me. http://nottheberwickshireadvertiser.com/2012/09/30/electric-penelope-the-accidental-singer/I met with the affable Percy at the Maltings Theatre today. Sorted out tech stuff. One less thing to think about. Oh, my viola player dropped out, go ...
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soooo excited right now.

I've been rehearsing with the band yeah, and you will die when you hear them. Seriously, I could barely stop myself from chewing off the microphone they were so good. Everything is coming together beautifully, fabulous keyboard player, heavenly guitarist, a drummer who doesn't froth at the mouth, Ia ...
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People get ready

A list of what I'm doing. Too busy to go into detail. Get mastered album back tomorrow. Get photoshoot photos back next week. Tom to design album sleeve. Get CD's pressed. Finish PRS registrations. Send out press release kits. Choose second single to be released. Release it. Rehearse band. Make 3 ch ...
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You can now download Trafalgar Square! Wahay! Its mastered and yours for the taking.Here:The whole album is pretty much finished, I now have the mammoth task of rehearsing a 12 piece band to look forward to. This will be a trying time. Of course, I have the capable Iain Petrie at my side which makes ...
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No, I'm not single. My single Trafalgar Square has been sent off to this incredible guy for mastering. It will be ready for next weekend, thats the 21st July. It was going to be this weekend and if any of you pick up tomorrow's edition of The Berwick Advertiser that will be confirmed. I'm un-con ...
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I've been on the computer for weeks. Designing, editing, emailing, researching, blogging blah blah. Its good to get out and actually gig. I'm arranging a video shoot to be done beginning of July. It will be for the single Trafalgar square so naturally will take place in my hometown London. Haven't b ...
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I'm busy co-producing my debut album at the moment with the wonderful Iain Petrie. Progress is good, Iain hasn't strangled me yet. The demands I place on him would have crushed a lesser man. I've just confirmed the complete line-up for Octobers album launch - 16 musicians in total. Its gonna be imme ...
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Its really exciting to have the site launched. yaay I'm like totally wired the keyboard can't keep up with my excitemewbnjkft..I've been working hard to get it done with the special folk at Northern lab computer services (hehe) and here we have it! ...
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