June 15, 2012 Posted by Electric Penelope - No Comments

I’ve been on the computer for weeks. Designing, editing, emailing, researching, blogging blah blah. Its good to get out and actually gig. I’m arranging a video shoot to be done beginning of July. It will be for the single Trafalgar square so naturally will take place in my hometown London. Haven’t been there a few years…Got my two wee sisters involved. Natalie runs the¬†immensely¬†cool Scooter cafe which will make a great location. My brother Tom is going to design the album cover when he’s finished his degree in a couple of weeks. Well he said he would anyway. I’ve done my best so far but its songs I’m good at. Type- enter -spacebar -annoying wireless mouse which runs out of batteries -click -click enter- hmmmm.