Its been a while…

February 5, 2013 Posted by Electric Penelope - 4 Comments

Winter has a strange effect on ones ability to think. After weeks of dragging myself between asinine social networks and chronically pointless youtube video’s, my fingers only able to shift sluggishly between the Enter key and the Back key with the occasional bold scroll of the mouse, unable to read further even than any given page header, I have just about managed to sum up the will to move my fingers from the Enter and Back keys over to the letters section of the keyboard, whence I shall commence to write something of…consequence.

So, as my conscience emerges by degrees from this state of winter hibernation, I shall tell you in simple, unchallenging terms my plans for the next few weeks. I hope they’re of interest because I’m doing this for you, not me. The whole process is hurting my brain.

If you’re an intellectual and listen to stations like radio 4, you may want to book your tickets for An audience with Jenni Murray. Some of you may have heard me mention her one or two hundred times. Her show – which I am a guest on, will be on the 3rd and 4th May. First at The Playhouse in Alnwick, and then at The Maltings on the 4th. Because she is a high profile BBC broadcaster I’d advise getting your tickets now so as to avoid disappointment. (promo talk)

Actually, you know what? I’m going to finish there. I was going to write more but I’m desperate to watch the next episode of Breaking Bad. I’ll come back and finish what I started in a few days and then I’ll tell you all about trivial things that are of no consequence to you at all. Things like birthdays and custard. In the meantime, WATCH MY VIDEO and LOOK AT MY GIG TIMETABLE.

Capitals have a real theraputic element to them. It really does feel like you’re shouting.






Me at desk.