Jenni. Murray.

December 2, 2012 Posted by Electric Penelope - 3 Comments

So, the first time I attempted to break the news to folks that there was a possibility that I was going to be on a show with Jenni Murray,

to my dismay it was received with blank looks and a miserable handful of  facebook ‘likes’.  Ah, thought I. Could it be that my fan base are not Radio 4 listeners? Mmm, apparently not. So then I took a different approach to announcing this gigantic piece of news, to give my followers an understanding of the gravity of my announcement. ‘Who listens to BBC Radio 4″ says I. To which I received a flurry of congratulations on getting air play on Radio 4. No, No, no, says I, sighing under my breath as I saw my momentous broadcast loosing its moment and falling quite flat on its face, no, Jenni Murray. I’m going to be on a live show with Jenni Murray. Dame. Jenni. Murray. The British journalist and broadcaster? Appointed Officer of the order of the British Empire (OBE) for services to broadcasting in 1999 and and then Dame Commander of  the Order of the British Empire (DBE) in the 2011, presenter of THE Womans Hour on BBC Radio 4 since 1987? No? Ok Well let me tell you all about it.

In May 2013, Jenni is venturing up here, the back of beyond, to take her show to Alnwick Playhouse (Jools Holland has connections there, my next opportunity)  and The Maltings in Berwick. I was asked, me, Electric Penelope, to play on her shows. Both of them. No one else was asked. Just me. If you can get on the good side of the of the good old BBC, you can go anywhere. Now do you understand the gravity? Yes? Good. So I owe a massive favour to Matthew Rouke at The Maltings who designed the entire plot, because if anyone recognises the work, commitment and trials of being a woman and mother trying to make her way in a mans industry over a certain age, its Jenni. Its Jenni whom I need.

So what I need all you folk to do is talk about it. Yes, its one big popularity contest in this bizarre virtual world as someone said to me the other day (yes it was you Mr T) but one thing I’ve learned is you must play the game by the rules, and only once you start winning can you begin to apply your own (thanks Mrs H). So talk. Tweet, like, share, hashtag, follow, etc etc and with your help my virtual following will virtually expand making it virtually possible to be a virtual success. Does anyone know what I’m on about? Nah.

And in Other News..

The album Bridges and Baubles is due to be released on the 4th DECEMBER. I think. This is an album of local talent, recorded and produced by Iain Petrie at Awake! music. ALL the money made on this album goes to The Berwick Youth Project and local schools who participate in the distribution. I’m about to go and set up a facebook page on this info so look out for Bridges and Baubles there and yeah. Did I tell you I found a crooner to join me on my duet? Noel Ackting. Ooh, what a charmer..

Don’t Forget

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