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November 6, 2012 Posted by Electric Penelope - 2 Comments

I thought I’d have nothing to do

once I’d got my album launch out the way, and then I remembered that I have everything to do so I sighed a couple of times and then resolved to do everything. So, I’m on a mission to do everything. Here’s what everything involves so far.

#1 Making contact with every radio station in Great Britain in the hope that they’ll give me some airplay. I actually did this, I’m not even lying.

#2 Finding a professional photographer with a good eye for music videos to recreate the story of the track Scorpion. This I have also done. I’m working with this lovely man called Philip from 80:8 design, who lives up here but is from Manchester and has a nice accent. I have a good feeling that this collaboration will lead to great things. I thought a nice big necklace would be in order for the video so I’ve begun construction.

#3 I sent out a few emails pretending to be the manager of Tidy Records and people started respecting me. Via email anyway. So I might actually set up a label and do it for real now I know it works. I’ll be musing on that one in between other things.

#4 Oh oh oh, I’ve got together with The Scottish Romance Orchestra and will be doing a show with them on 12th April at the Maltings Theatre. Yes,  the conductor, Tony Kime, has arranged my music for orchestra. How incredible is that? My music, arranged for orchestra. So put that in your diary and smoke it.

#5 I’m releasing a christmas single which I’m writing as a duet for myself and Peter Kerr. He played at the Frontier Festival on the Sunday at The Watchtower if any of you were there.  I nearly cried but pretended to be hungover and then quickly asked him to join me in harmony to which he agreed to. Hopefully, it will be a part of a compilation of local music christmas singles released at, Christmas. If you want to take part, contact Iain Petrie. You’ll find him on facebook. You have to be local though, no requests from Milton Keynes or Rome or somewhere.

#6 Yes I know, I’ve lost the grammatical structure of these numbered points. But anyway, I’ve got a couple of interviews lined up in the run up to the video release and single release, and a couple of photo shoots, and I’m thinking of holding some kind of party reception gig type thing in December to encompass the realisation of everything on my list of everything. Once I’ve arranged this, I’ll invite people with lots of money and persuade them to give it to me.

I also discovered instagram. Its amazing.

In the meantime, I’m at The Corner House. See you there for coffee.