Electric Penelope began writing songs in 2010 and released her first album two years later in 2012. She recorded and released it over a period of six months with her good friend and producer Iain Petrie at Awake Music. Between them, they produced an assured album of classic pop, ‘A New Day’.

As a mother, wife, sibling, aunt and friend, her music conveys the connections between these relationships in everyday life. “If a hug could be translated into song it would sound like this album.” The Trip

A new Day.

Listen to the debut album from electric Penelope along with the Live version

All of Electric Penelope’s music is available to buy, either as a hard copy or as a download from several outlets, buying couldn’t be easier. You can also purchase merchandise; posters, bags and T-shirts. Feel free to browse. Electric Penelope is happy to sign any product you buy, just drop us a line and she’ll be happy to comply!

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And now for something totally different

Enjoy some covers, unreleased material and happy songs from my soundcloud account.