New Year, New Site

March 9, 2014 Posted by Electric Penelope - No Comments

Well, it’s kinda still a new year and with it comes the launch of a SWANKY BRAND NEW SITE. YEAH!! Have a browse, have another browse, and then maybe even another. This year brings with it album Number Two.  A new sound, a new feel, a different approach a new attitude. As I work towards my second release, I’ll be taking my time a little more, drinking coffee a little less and generally taking everything at a slightly slower pace. I will be looking for an inner peace that will manifest itself through yogic nuances echoed in my new music. Yeeeahh. Oh my God I haven’t ironed the uniforms, I have two books to read and a 2000 word essay to write by Monday, my kitchen is half built and I’m half way through writing a song. The rubbish needs to go out and I have to go and re-stock those CD’s, go to parents evening, have an exam in two weeks, rehearse the band, organise a birthday party for 7 teenagers….

Nha ha ha so what? I have a swanky new site! Nothing else matters! Enjoy!