Not for the faint-hearted

April 30, 2013 Posted by Electric Penelope - 2 Comments

‘My own Radio Show. What a novel idea’ thought I. ‘A bit of self promotion, get a few more followers and that’.

Ahhh, how I love it when a simple thought can mushroom into a mind blowing brainstorm of ideas and creativity, an unstoppable design for opportunity, inspiration and innovation! Oh, the possibilities! Part of this surge in creative energy is the realisation that an assignment that I’ve been sweating over (just mentally, I haven’t actually put pen to paper yet) doesn’t have to be handed in for another month and not as I previously thought until two minutes ago, on Friday. So now I can use all that relief into writing a blog proving that the problem wasn’t ability but laziness.

Lionheart Fm, I think I’ve mentioned them before, have agreed to let me present live on their show for two whole hours. Every week. ‘Well’ thought I. ‘What I couldn’t do in two hours…what I couldn’t do…’. And then commenced to write a list of what I couldn’t do because it was much shorter than what I could do. But then I remembered that two hours wasn’t 25 hours so I had to rethink and came up with a plan which is thus:

My good friend Henny (Tam) and I (Penny) together will present The Henny & Penny Show. The show will feature a regular 20 minute slot of the infamous Berwick Broadcasting Corporation plus live music, interviews, writers corner, chat and more to a total of two hours. Thats 3pm-5pm every Sunday.

Together we shall compile the most interesting, entertaining and top quality content we can source and bring it to you, dear audience, for you to listen to at your leisure.

After training has finished and we have the all clear to go live (I’d give it a couple of weeks) then you can listen to the show either on fm radio or online. Isn’t nature wonderful? Yeah yeah yeah!

Oh Dahling I simply can’t wait.


In other news,

do you remember how I like to go on about Jenni Murray? Yar? Well her gig is this Friday and Saturday at Alnwick Playhouse and Maltings Theatre consecutively and I’ve been pondering which Cover to fit in among the two or three other originals I’ll be doing during her show. The concensus seems to be my cover of Jesse Jays ‘Do it Like a Dude’. Even when asked to take into account demographics and ability to cope with filthy words. What do you think? Come along to her gig. You won’t see much of me but your IQ will go up a few notches just from being in the same room as Jenni so I’d say it was worth it.