Show some self control woman…

April 5, 2013 Posted by Electric Penelope - No Comments

I can get quite excitable when a new project comes up, and today is one of those days. I can barely type quickly enough. This guy called Aems, hang on I’ll just copy and paste his bio…

Aems is the leading MC for bass music in the North of England. Holding a residency at Newcastle’s biggest DnB event Turbulence, as well as performing at prestigious events such as Hospitality, Shogun Audio, Critical Sound and UKF LIVE to name but a few, as well as appearances on Get Darker TV and BBC 1Xtra, Aems has also made a name for himself as a producer of dubstep and breaks, as well as a talented DJ, with his tracks receiving radio plays on nearly every major radio station, from BBC Radio 1 to Rinse FM and more…

yeah so you get the picture. Well get this. He’s just remixed one of my tracks. ‘Nothing without you’. I’m waiting for him to upload it so I can share it with you all but he emailed me about 3am last night so he’s probably in bed and I’m here jumping all over the place at the same time as trying to blog.

Aw don’t we look good together?

So what I’m going to do while I’m waiting is tell you about some other stuff I’ve been doing. I said I wouldn’t mention non-Electric Penelope subjects but since they’re all music related I think that warrants a mention. So last week for the whole of holy week I was doing Beauty and the Beast playing the part of Belle. When I popped into the shops yesterday I nearly fell on my face when I saw my picture on the front page. That left me a little hyperactive for the rest of the afternoon and I had to channel it by practicing scales on my beat-up piano loudly for a good hour with the back door open (the children were in the garden, wasn’t it a beautiful day?) until I ran out of steam and went and made dinner.

I also have begun on my 2nd album. People keep asking me when I’m going to tour A New Day but to be honest, without a manager or a booking agent there’s only so much I can do. Plus I have five children did I mention that? So I will when I can ok? Gosh….

This is my first track. Its still in progress and I’m having to learn the ropes as I go along (I’m producing this album entirely myself) but its the beginnings of a new era. And with this Aems guy on my side I could come up with a whole new sound. In fact this other guy called Andrew came up with the idea of doing a song for Berwick, a kind of concept album that brings a new sound to Berwick a bit like Portishead did for Bristol or the commision album ‘Five Bridges’ by the Nice in the 1960′s. So many possibilities. Its getting very confusing at the moment because I’m doing three projects with three different Andrews. How weird is that? Wait wait wait its here!! Here we go y’all…..

Electric Penelope ‘Nothing Without you’ REMIXED by AEMS

Have Fun, I am!!!!