July 11, 2012 Posted by Electric Penelope - 1 Comment

No, I’m not single. My single Trafalgar Square has been sent off to this incredible guy for mastering. It will be ready for next weekend, thats the 21st July. It was going to be this weekend and if any of you pick up tomorrow’s edition of The Berwick Advertiser that will be confirmed. I’m un-confirming that information, because its wrong. The guy got ill, it was beyond my control. So soon you will have it, all be it a week later, and for free. All my sweat and toil will be given away just like that. I hope you appreciate that guys.

Yes, so the affable Simon Duke gave me an interview the other day to feature in the Berwick Advertiser  tomorrow (12th July). I hope he makes me sound cool. I tried to sound cool. Splendid splendid. I just sent off all these official looking forms too, ones that mean I can make money from my tunes whenever they get played. So play them often and I’ll get minted. Cheers.