soooo excited right now.

September 18, 2012 Posted by Electric Penelope - No Comments

I’ve been rehearsing with the band yeah, and you will die when you hear them. Seriously, I could barely stop myself from chewing off the microphone they were so good. Everything is coming together beautifully, fabulous keyboard player, heavenly guitarist, a drummer who doesn’t froth at the mouth, Iain bassing it like a villian. I’m sending the CD off for pressing this week. Oh my giddy aunt greta, Tom’s given the album sleeve a tidy tidy look. I found some sequin fabric. I’m going to make a massive dress. I’m going to put flowers everywhere, and sparkly things. I’m making a couple of chandeliers. In fact, when I’m done with them I’ll auction them off. Who wants a chandelier?
I’m going to cut down on the coffee.