We did it, full tickets!

October 17, 2012 Posted by Electric Penelope - 2 Comments

So Friday night  was, without question, an unprecedented success. Man, every part of it exceeded every expectation in every way to the point that while I was on stage I could hardly speak I was so overwhelmed by the response. The place was packed, and the audience was buzzing. So chuffed. So grateful. I wanted to hug every person but I can’t hug every person.

My sister Fran’s stage artistry – flowers, candles and a fabulous pair of flower heels combined with Percy’s mint lighting (he’s good is our Percy) plus the  chandeliers I made and a bit of dry ice created a sweet, sweet feast on the eyes. Iain Ballantyn, master of sound. Masterful man. And my band. Ah, I want to hug them all. I can hug them all and I did. I love my band. Did you see them? I love them.

To hear the live recording of the opening of the show Scorpion, and get free download, click here. The line-up for the night was 4 strings, trumpet, keyboards, drums, bass, guitar, 3 backing singers and me. The sound was incredible and the standing ovation which continued for the 3 encores said it all. A full house, a happy, happy day.


now on to selling the CD.Yes you can buy it here on this very site. AND, I will sign it for you if you buy it now. I won’t if you wait a month, I’ll take offence. And if you’re not into the physical thing – not everyones cup of tea, you can get it on itunes too. How neat is that? Neat. I’ve put the itunes link on this page because it looks nice. I’ve not added the paypal one, the colours clashed. Go here instead.

A New Day - Electric Penelope

Up next

This is what I’ve got lined up next. I’m releasing a single in December, a nice wintery song with bells and everything. I’m doing a photoshoot with the lovely Georgia at GMC photography to feature in a culture magazine in Newcastle, and I’m planning a tour of the album in the spring. Oh yes, Iain Petrie and I made a pact to get on Jools Holland. Yes I know, everyone makes that pact. But when I make a pact I always, always, fulfil it.

And Finally,

a big thanks to Hamish and Alan at Frontier Festival. I think everyone will agree that it was a week of top drawer music. Act after act of musical genius. A lot of work went into putting it together and it was worth every ounce of sweat. Good one boys. Bloody, bloody good one. Thank you both for the music. That would make a really good slogan, did someone already use it….?